The Weather Scout

Explore the weather

Click around on the map or use the search tool to find a destination that interests you, then give it a name and save for future access.

  • Data from thousands of stations

    From the Explore Weather tab search anywhere in the United States and explore data provided by thousands of weather stations reported to NOAA.

  • Save and name locations

    By default each location clicked/searched is given a default name consisting of the coordinates. You can rename and save a location to later access on the My Locations tab.

  • Interactive charts

    From the Explore Weather tab the right pane has interactive graphs that show additional data on hover. Click the download icon in the upper right corner to save the data.

  • Advanced details

    In the Explore Weather tab change the view to Detailed to get more detailed weather and elevation data. The dotted lines show 90% of the temperature ranges over the past 30 years.

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